Top companies fail another Internet test

Research published today shows that around half of the FTSE 100 companies do not have the technological capability to accept job applications online. That is putting them at a strategic advantage. Job hunters now use the Internet as a prime source of vacancies and want to use the online services to complete their applications. Most young people only use the Internet for job hunting, which means that the biggest companies in Britain are making it unlikely they’ll be able to attract new employees. Of course, the big businesses will probably blame it on lack of interest by young people. But yet again, this survey shows once more that big business is failing to understand the Internet and its relevance in today’s society.

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1 thought on “Top companies fail another Internet test”

  1. Just because they are not accepting direct online applications doesn't mean that they are not advertising job vacancies on the internet. In fact I would be astounded if any serious employer wasn't using the internet in one form or another.

    For those companies who don't accept online applications I would anticipate that the rest provide an application form as a word doc, or say "email your CV to…" or are using a recruitment consultant (and I have my own opinion on the value of them!)

    I can't see the research because I get a "Not authorised" error when I click the link. However I suspect with a figure such as 50% that the headline is not telling the whole story at all.

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