Companies need to set up internal blogs – now!

A new survey released by Accenture today shows that the availability of information within a business is seriously hampering productivity. Indeed, it seems that six out of every ten managers are unable to find the information they really need. And most managers waste around two hours a day trying to track down the really important information they want. One of the details of the survey shows that managers are more likely to find information on their competition, than they are on their own company. What this reveals is that many businesses have yet to use the tools of the modern Internet internally. With internal, private blogs, for instance, information sharing would be enhance. That would also happen with intranet-based social networking arrangements. Big businesses are slow to adopt such technological innovations, yet as a result these companies are clearly losing out. By adopting internal blogging and social networks, organisations would have a far easier way to share information – and according to Accenture that’s something that is holding companies back.

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