Are you a morning or an afternoon Internet marketer?

Internet businesses have been hampered lately by the cutting of undersea cables connecting the telecomms networks of various countries. Only last week, cables close to the Egyptian coastline were cut, probably by ships anchors.

The problem is increasing – plus some of the longer established cables, such as those crossing the Atlantic, are beginning to have problems due to their age. The result is that Internet traffic can expect to have several hold-ups in coming years.

Officials at the Federation of Overseas Operating Licensees, which represents the companies with international cabling have come up with a novel idea for reducing traffic. They want people who run online businesses to undergo a test to see whether they are a “morning” or an “afternoon” kind of person. It is well known that some people function better in the morning, whereas others take several hours to “wake up”.

The traffic online could be reduced if people only use the Internet at their own performance peak, says the Federation. That way, even if cables are cut between countries, there is an opportunity to keep the Internet running because the reduced levels of traffic can be diverted via satellite links, for instance.

The Association for the Psychological Reaction to Internet Limitation has said it will undertake the testing of Internet marketers so they can be allocated a license to operate the Internet at only certain hours of the day, depending upon whether they are “morning” or “afternoon” people.

Luckily, the Federation of Overseas Operating Licensees (FOOL) is in complete agreement with the Association for the Psychological Reaction to Internet Limitation (APRIL).

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