Dedicated Servers offer huge power

A new line of high-powered servers has entered the hosting market with 32 processor cores, released by 1&1 Internet Ltd,, a global leader amongst web hosting providers and the first large scale provider to deliver dedicated servers with this capacity.  With the most powerful hardware package to ever be offered in mass-market hosting, 1&1 provides a solution even to users with the highest demands on computing power and reliability.  1&1’s modern, geo-redundant data centres offer excellent network connectivity (275 Gbit/s) and provide the optimal environment for the provider’s latest product innovation.

The new 1&1 Server XXL 32 Core is extremely well equipped with 64 gigabytes of ECC RAM and a professional RAID 6 system (2.4 terabytes of usable storage space) and the use of AMD Turbo Core technology.  The heart of the high-end server contains two fast AMD Opteron-6272 processors with 2.1 GHz clock frequency, which can be enhanced to 3.0 GHz depending on the workload of the 32 processor cores.  The 1&1 Server XXL 32 Core package, including 24/7 support, is available starting at £399.99/month+VAT and is especially qualified for computer-intensive applications.

“The market trend shows that there is a growing demand for more powerful servers”, says Oliver Mauss, CEO 1&1 Internet.  One reason for this is that high-performance servers like the 1&1 Server XXL 32 Core, especially in combination with professional operating systems such as SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, provide many options for technically savvy users.  The full power can be utilised during resource-hungry projects such as databases and systems development.  Furthermore, the servers can be used effectively for virtualisation and cloud computing services.  “We see enormous potential for the applications product area and we want to position ourselves early”, added Mauss.

Parallel to the introduction of the 1&1 Server XXL 32 Core, 1&1 has also enhanced its entire dedicated server portfolio.  Moving forward, Intel technology will also be available along with the products of 1&1’s long-term partner, AMD.  Thus, the portfolio now also contains the 1&1 Server 4i (£59.99/month+VAT) and the 1&1 XL Server 8i (£169/month+VAT), both with the latest Intel E3 Xeon processors.  As a result, users now have great flexibility in their choice of dedicated server.  In total, 1&1 offers nine different packages – from an entry-level model 1&1 Server 2 with Dual Core, up to the turbo-charged 1&1 Server XXL 32 Core with its 2 x 16 cores.  All servers can be ordered in Linux, Windows or a Managed version.  1&1 continues to offer unlimited traffic on dedicated servers so that successful web projects are not limited by costs for data traffic.

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