Shocking 79% of Online Companies Willing to Sabotage Competitor’s Website

A recent study carried out by SEO agency Reboot Online Marketing Ltd has revealed that a shocking 79% of online businesses were prepared to carry out a sabotage attack on a competitor’s website.

The study was conducted by contacting 100 small business owners in London and the South East and lead to some astounding results.

When business owners were asked if they would be willing to engage in what is known as a ‘Negative SEO’ campaign against their top 3 online competitors with the explicit aim of sabotaging their sites resulting in their complete removal from Google’s search results, a massive 48% agreed outright while a further 31% were very keen and asked for further information.

The study outlines a growing trend in the online battlefield which is becoming more acceptable by the day.

Shai Aharony is Director of Reboot Online Marketing Ltd and has been an online marketing professional for over 15 years.