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Title tags boost Google ranking significantly

Something dramatic has happened to my web site’s listing within Google – and it’s not good. For the past umpteen years if you searched for “graham jones” this web site ( was always Number One on Google – both the .com and the versions. Yesterday, completely disappeared from

Day Job Killer proves value of offline marketing

Day Job Killer has gone “live”. It’s a 69 page ebook that explains how to make money online using Google Adwords, amongst other techniques. It is solid stuff and worth buying as it is packed with good tips and hints on making money online. However, type “day job killer” into

Web sites need to shout

If you have a web site it needs to shout out loud to its visitors; it needs to say fairly quickly what the site is about and what people should do with it. The headlines on this page (hopefully…!) tell you quickly that this site is about online success. If

Online retailers are doing it wrong

There’s been a load of cheering recently for the success of online shopping. At Christmas, for instance, many High Street stores in the UK reported lower than usual sales with less footflow than the previous year. But their online counterparts reported record sales. So everyone was happy. What tosh. The

How to avoid Internet marketing misery

Every day I meet people who want to make their fortune online. They all dream of earning money while they sleep. What they want is a “quick fix”; they want to make a large profit with very little input. “What’s the secret?” they ask me. “How do you earn money

How can you make money from user generated content?

A new report on user generated video shows that almost half of all online video watched last year was provided by Internet users themselves. The report also predicts that this will rise to 55% by 2010. In other words, user generated content will dominate. However, for the online video sites

Small web sites make more sense for Internet marketers

New research has discovered that advertising gets more click throughs from smaller web sites with less traffic than big sites with millions of visitors. What does this tell me? It suggests that the lower traffic sites are more focused on specific niche topics that are relevant to fewer people. But

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My firm’s online but I am real…

Just a quick note to say that I’m featured in the UK’s “The Independent” daily newspaper. The article quotes me as saying that many Internet businesses fail because the people running them don’t plan properly.

Holiday web sites arrive late to the party

You would think that the travel industry knew a thing or two about Internet marketing. After all, many people now book flights, holidays and other travel online, rather than in traditional travel agencies or booking offices. However, the latest “Online Retail Holiday Readiness Report” from WebTrends shows that only 23%

Business urged to respond to changing behaviour

A senior research executive at Universal McCann, Tom Smith, has urged companies to respond now to the changing behaviour of people, rather than wait until it’s too late. He makes his comments in the January 2007 Revolution magazine which published details of Universal McCann’s latest research on blogging. This has

A new year, so expect changes to Internet marketing

At this time of year you will find dozens of people and organisations making all sorts of predictions about 2007. Many of the predictions will be complete tosh. Others will have some substance. However, there as one prediction tucked away in a list of ten for 2007 that caught my

Stop focusing on your web site – talk to people!

Every day, web site owners ask me how they can get more business online. Often they are shocked when I say that the most important thing to do is to concentrate their activities offline. The main reason I give is that around 60% of people visit a web site having

User generated content – it really, really is important

You will have read a few times in this web site that user-generated content, in my view, is an essential component of a good web site. (You can add your comments below if you disagree..!) However, it’s not just me bleating on about this. Every year, Time Magazine announces its

Make more money online by establishing your expertise

Just think for a moment about the last time you bought a major item in a store. Did you consider several options first? Did you visit a variety of stores to check prices? Did you chat with a sales assistant to get some questions clarified? If you are like most

Corporate web sites starting to get more viewers than TV programmes

According to the advertising trade magazine, Advertising Age, some corporate web sites are now getting more viewers than the TV programmes in which the companies also advertise their products. The report shows that the companies that are getting the highest numbers of visitors are those that go beyond simply having

Your web site almost certainly has poor accessibility for the disabled

According to a new study of accessibility, 97% of web sites are not geared up for disabled Internet users. That means your site (and mine) probably fail the basic tests of being accessible for a variety of disabilities. Interestingly, the study found that 89% of sites had “poor navigation”. Considering

Internet marketers in the UK – do they know something the Americans don’t?

A study just published on search engine advertising reveals that UK-based Internet companies are spending more than twice the amount per user as their American counterparts. In the USA, advertisers in 2006 will have spent $37.78 online for each Internet user. In the UK, advertisers will be spending $83.33 for