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What is a perfect web site?

If you were to look at a web design magazine these days you would notice that the web sites being hailed as “suberp”, “perfect” or “brilliant” are full of images, multimedia, clever bits of technology and so on. But when you ask Internet users, outside the web design industry, you

Make your web site into a community

People just love being members of a community. Years ago, when we all lived in small settlements, our community was the group of people we lived with; for many people in the world this is still the case. Nowadays, we are members of several different “communities”. Our locality has taken

Learning from the Threshers Internet voucher experience

In the UK, the wine and spirits retailer Threshers is front page news because of a discount voucher. It offered an online 40% discount voucher to a few selected people. But the voucher was posted on a blog and was downloaded by 800,000 people. Threshers say they are surprised, but

Online retailers don’t seem to learn about usability

Every year there are studies of leading web sites to see how close they are getting to providing a good experience for their users. Every year, major businesses and well known brands are criticised in a range of studies for not making their web sites usable. So it comes as

The people will rule the Internet

One of the difficulties that governments face is that the global nature of the Internet makes their job more difficult. Even in relatively open societies like the USA and the UK, it’s possible for governments to exert some control over their citizens using taxation policies, for instance. However, with the

How to become one of the “inner circle” of Internet marketers

Have you noticed how you always seem to see the same names and faces on the Internet? Why is it that all these top gurus seem to have a closed-door “Internet Marketing Country Club” and HOW did they break into this club? It’s easy to stand on the outside and

Don’t annoy your web site visitors

As the Christmas trading season takes force online, retailers are being urged to ensure their web sites don’t annoy visitors. So what’s  the most annoying thing you can do? Add a pop-up advert. According to research from Taylor Nelson, 84% of people find pop-ups “extremely annoying”. Dead links are also

Women and the Internet

I was chatting with Karen Skidmore today and we were discussing why women don’t take part in Internet activities as much as men do. I know that’s a sweeping generalisation but we agreed that on business sites, such as Ecademy, the bulk of the discussion is performed by men. Then

Professional Speakers show the way for web site owners

I’m currently at the Professional Speakers Association’s annual congress at The Belfry. Two speakers today have confirmed something that many web site owners don’t appear to know. And that is the fact that people connect to what you say and what you write at the emotional level. They might justify

The Internet has potential but people don’t use it

Clearly plenty of people believe the Internet has potential. That’s obvious from the latest Netcraft survey which reveals there are now more than 100 million domains listed on the Web. However, the survey also shows that the vast majority of those (around 60%) are inactive. Over 60 million domain names

Could the Internet lead to misinformation?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, is concerned that if the development of the Internet is left unchecked it could lead to the spread of misinformation. Some would say that is already happening. You can find plenty of web sites that are blatantly untrue; you can

Human behaviour will dictate your Internet business

Like it or not, your business will have to change. That’s because human behaviour changes from time to time, even though the fundamentals remain the same. In a new report out today on TV watching habits, there’s an interesting nugget in the details. It seems that 28% of teenagers watch

Google shows the way ahead for the Internet

Once again, Google is showing us the future of the Internet. Today it seems that Google has bought JotSpot. This is a “wiki” gadget – essentially it allows your visitors to create your web site. It’s used by many big players on the Internet. For instance, Ebay uses JotSpot to allow

Stop Looking for Mass Audiences

The days of mass audiences are over. I remember as a child when a typical TV programme would get 15m viewers mid-week, sometimes 20m. The BBC used to attract around 12m people to its Radio One breakfast show. Almost half the nation used to listen to Noel Edmonds in the

Adobe is about to mess with the PDF concept

Just when you thought you had this infoproduct business cracked, along comes Adobe to mess it all up for you. For several years now, people have been getting used to – and liking – the PDF format which allows you to publish your books online and for your readers to

Internet marketers should be selling Christmas presents now

It’s only the end of October and there are nearly nine weeks until Christmas, but if your web site isn’t selling seasonal specials now, you could have missed out already. Some new research on shopping habits shows that 40% of people have completed their Christmas shopping by the end of

Film Makers Don’t Get the Internet Picture

You would have thought, wouldn’t you, that those creative types based in Hollywood would be really switched on when it comes to new technology like the Internet. But they are not. In spite of a few examples, such as the Blair Witch Project, film makers in Hollywood have yet to

CISCO has new virtual meeting tool

CISCO, the technology company, has just launched a new virtual meeting tool which it hopes will replace typical video conferences links. The product competes directly with Hewlett Packard’s “telepresence” technology which some people say is so realistic they even try to shake hands with people in the meeting. These new