SEO is so amazingly believable it could be bunkum

Raise your hands brothers and sisters if you believe. Say “I believe”…again, say “I believe”…one more time brothers and sisters…say “I believe – I believe in the greatness that is SEO”. For many people who are running an online business, search engine optimization (SEO) has taken on almost religious levels … Read more

Google proves swine flu panic is over the top

Victims of swine flu and their families will doubtless disagree, but the current web-based panic over this disease is something of a nonsense. True enough, flu can be a debilitating and sometimes fatal disease – but that has always been the case. The current brouhaha would make you think, however, … Read more

Questions, SEO and other people

More evidence is piling up to show us that search engines are not as valuable as we think they are. Research published by Artesian Solutions suggests that British businesses have been fooled by search engines. It transpires that compared with automated intelligence systems, searching for information using search engines takes … Read more

Search is on its deathbed…bye, bye SEO

Search engines have never been as important as they would like us to think. Now, that truth is suddenly coming home to roost in more ways than one for companies like Google. They would like us to think that we are constanyly “searching” for things online – but we aren’t. … Read more

How many search engines do you use?

People often don’t do what we think they do. Take search, for example. Just go into your local street and ask how people search for things on the Internet. There’s a fair chance you’d come back with some stats that showed most people use Google. The result is we think … Read more

Gatekeepers will become your search gurus

Internet users are suffering increasing problems finding what they want. Often you will find that whatever you are searching for advertisers, or “aggregation” software brings to the top of the search engine listing material that’s not directly relevant. Clearly, the search engines attempt to bring you the most relevant results. … Read more

Search Engine Marketing Can Waste Your Time

Many businesses want to get to the top of Google. They spend hours, days, weeks attempting it. They are competing against millions of other pages and will try any of the latest “tricks” to get an advantage on the other web sites listed by Google. Then Google changes the rules, … Read more