Google affects your memory

Rupert Murdoch faces the British Parliament today in a bid to save his reputation. But probably, some of his answers will be of the “I don’t remember” variety. Indeed, the police officers who were quizzed a week ago seemed to have several memory lapses. Amazing how your memory disappears just … Read more

Google is not good enough

When Father Christmas wants to know what a child wants as a present, who does he ask? That’s right – he asks the child. He goes straight to the source of the information. Santa doesn’t fish around by asking other kids, nor does he search on Google. Instead, as that … Read more

Search will not really answer your questions

Finding out what Chancellor George Osborne says today in the Comprehensive Spending Review is easy – you can listen to it word by word on BBC Radio Five Live. Alternatively, you can log on to the Government’s own live streaming service, Parliament Live TV. Not only that, Sky, BBC News … Read more

Forget keywords, think concepts

Wayne Rooney is suffering from semantic clustering today.Picture Courtesy: Gordon Flood Wayne Rooney is probably ignoring the media today. Newspapers cannot resist connecting his ability to “score” last night with his alleged “scoring” with prostitutes, for instance. The chances are that wherever you read anything about our Wayne today, you’ll … Read more

People do not use Google for search

Google is not a search engine – at least it’s not the way many people are using it. True, it can find you things – often unexpected and not always what you wanted. But, the latest information from Hitwise shows that most people are using Google merely as a “shorthand” … Read more

Google makes more money and you are paying for it

Eric Schmidt, the Chief Executive Officer of Google disappointed investors yesterday as the company announced a dramatic rise in income. In the past three months, Google’s revenues have risen by a whopping 23% compared with the same period last year. But it wasn’t the CEO who announced it. In an … Read more

Concentrate on headlines to boost your traffic

If 7m individuals visited your website each month would you be happy? Maybe; I guess it rather depends on who you are and how many people already visit. For the Daily Telegraph, however, this was seen as too small an audience. That’s a remarkable thought, considering the newspaper itself only … Read more

Search experts create the search problem

Fifteen hundred search engine fanatics are currently gathering in London in the midst of a three-day conference, Search Engine Strategies (SES). As the digital marketing expert, Guy Levine, put it on Twitter they are all in “Geek Heaven”. They are devouring the nitty-gritty of search and how the finest changes … Read more

Google Buzz will be a failure

In a blaze of headlines Google has launched Buzz, its much-hyped “status” application. Let us set aside, for the moment, that Yahoo also has a service called Buzz and consider what the Google service is all about. It is no more than an “integrator”. And it is only doing that … Read more

Search engines are huge time wasters

Search engine users – that’s you and me, amongst millions of others – are being fooled. The likes of Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL and others have helped us believe that search is fantastic, that it is productive and that it really helps us in ways that were not possible without … Read more