Why does SEO take so long?

seo takes a long time

If you are putting in a significant number of hours and aren’t yet seeing the results, SEO can quickly begin to feel like a frustrating and time-consuming task, but there are many reasons why it can take so long. In this article, I want to break down some of those reasons.

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A Guide to Link Building in 2018

By Derek Iwasiuk As Google’s algorithm continues to evolve, so too do the numerous link building strategies that SEOs employ to help improve a website’s ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Finding out which so-called ‘white hat’ SEO link building methods work today but are also future-proof enough … Read more

2018 Digital Video Trends

In 2017, internet advertising spend surpassed that of TV for the first time and, as digital video continues to experience exponential growth, so 2018 is primed to be another defining year for digital video. In this thrilling and consistently evolving space, what trends are making waves and what waves have failed to make an impact?

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Safeguard your website assets from the prying eyes of bad bots that flood the internet

Bot-generated traffic often becomes a nuisance that even threaten the security of websites as it can pull down sites altogether. Considering that impersonator bots comprise 24 percent web traffic while the others together make up for another 5 percent, it is clear that you must keep a close watch on the internet and take measures in protecting your website from the harmful exposure to bad bots.

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