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How to get the most out of PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest independent payment gateways in the world with over 180 million account holders, 20 million of which are UK account holders. PayPal has always been a popular choice for website owners looking to increase their revenue and after its acquisition by eBay in 2002, PayPal

Why Customer Objections Are Good News!

When a customer begins to express objections (or as I prefer to call them concerns) during the selling process this can be very, very good news! Firstly, they may be genuinely considering your idea and as they are thinking about it some possible hurdles spring to mind. And secondly as

The 3 Rules of Successful Selling

After fifty years of studying businesses of all kinds Dun & Bradstreet (the world’s leading provider of financial information on companies – their database holds information on 100 million companies!) concluded that the entirety of business wisdom can be summarised in one statement: “Businesses succeed because of high sales; businesses

A surefire way to join the ranks of the selling elite

What separates the real persuasion professional from the amateur is the quality of their planning and preparation.  Amateurs blunder into sales calls without having planned and prepared correctly. One of the vital things to consider is: How  well do you know your  customer / potential customer? Some things to find

Do You Make These Seven Stupid Selling Mistakes?

By Simon Hazeldine How many sales are you missing out on?  How aware are you of the errors that could be costing you orders, commission and profits?   In the course of training and coaching salespeople I see the same mistakes being made time and time again!  Review your performance

3 Surefire Ways To Get Your Customers To Say Yes!

By Simon Hazeldine Master salespeople are adept at utilising powerful psychological strategies to influence people. Here are three from my personal top ten: People will buy from people they likeExtensive psychological research demonstrates the importance of ‘liking’ in persuading people.  Master salesman Joe Girrard (In the Guinness Book of Records

Why The Very Best Salespeople Never Ever Hard Sell

By Simon Hazeldine The very best salespeople never ever hard sell.  What is the big secret?  The secret is that they don’t think of themselves as salespeople!  They think of themselves as consultants. Their aim is to help people to get what they need. A consultative approach means that your

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Understanding Twitter for business

Twitter for Business is a 20-page guide written by small business marketing expert, John Jantsch who runs Duct Tape Marketing. The booklet covers the basics of Twitter and shows exactly how John uses it for his business, providing a valuable insight into expert usage. In this report you will find

People to follow on Twitter

Every Friday loads of people get recommended through the “followfriday” hashtag scheme. Already, that sounds confusing….! So, if you are unfamiliar with the concept of the hashtag read this article on hashtags from Twitip. Essentially a hashtag is just a word that you use to collect together a whole load

Build Your Business with Twitter’s Search Function

By Marian Harmon Many businesses are utilizing the power of social media such as Twitter to advertise their products and services. You can do this, too, but the challenge is in marketing your product or service without being annoying. By following a few rules of etiquette and utilizing the power

Blogging for fun and profit

By Frank Furness Blogs are a great way to get your message across on the Internet and have it published almost immediately. It is the ideal way to provide information, education and if done well, can create wealth and multiple sources of income for you. For your blog to be

Overcoming Objections

By Jim Ewan Objections! A word that strikes terror into the salesperson’s heart! But should it? Let’s examine the facts. First, there are probably no more than half a dozen objections to whatever your sales proposition may be. That being the case; learn the answers! Obviously the objections you encounter

How to be outstanding in sales – Part 2

By Mike Yates In Part 1 we identified that one of the key areas to help you become outstanding in sales is the ability to ask outstanding questions.  To be more specific:  how you develop your meetings with prospective clients.  Do you rehearse your meetings in advance? Do you practice

How to be outstanding in sales – Part 1

By Mike Yates As you may be aware, one of the keys to success in sales is to build trust with your prospects and clients. The best way of building trust is by listening to people talk about their problems and their needs. The only sure fire way to do

Are you continously improving or getting worse?

By Mike Yates I was reading an article recently about Tiger Woods who many people consider to be at the top of his game.  A remarkable fact about him, however, is that he has a coach (he has always had one).  He is taking constructive feedback from a golfer and

How to increase your sales by asking for referrals

By Mike Yates We all know that if a client refers us to one of his associates or friends, we have a much higher probability of making a sale and doing business with that referral than if we had no introduction. In fact, it is up to 10 times easier

How to handle sales objections

By Mike Yates Embrace the objections of your prospects and customersRight now and over the next few weeks, consider the regular objections you get from prospects as a positive step as well as an inevitable way to generate increased business.  Objections confirm a certain level of desire for your product

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Who do you want to be referred to?

By Will Kintish The daddy of modern day networking is a pioneer called Dr Ivan Misner. He came up with the idea of breakfast networking clubs and his is still the biggest –BNI (Business networking International). He says unless you know who you want to know very few people can