Facebook reveals your brain’s structure

How many friends do you have on Facebook? Whatever the answer, I can tell how much grey matter you have in your “amygdala” – a small, almond shaped area deep within your brain. The amygdala plays a central role in emotion and in memory – probably helping us remember things … Read more

Be nasty to your website visitors

Amy Winehouse

Poor Amy Winehouse eh? Fancy being an international star and being booed off stage. How rude. Or you might think it is rude to ask people to pay you and then turn up to entertain them, apparently drunk. Either way, what is clear is that the audience at the Belgrade … Read more

Five psychological reasons for blogging

Red and white 3D illustration of the word Blog connected to a mouse.

Blogging is, of course, great for business. Indeed, many successful businesses put blogging central to their online activities. There is plenty of evidence which shows that blogging is related to search engine success, social media success and – importantly – financial success. Blogging works. However, there is more to blogging … Read more

Fake web adverts make you believe lies

Have you really watched The Apprentice?

Lord Sugar is back on British TV screens tonight in the much-heralded return of “The Apprentice” – the programme which supposedly selects one of the best young business brains in the country. All across the UK tonight people will be glued to their TV sets to get their first glimpse … Read more