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Chart showing effectiveness of different kinds of personalisation
Internet Marketing

Personalisation is not working

Personalisation only provides a return on investment if it is truly personal. First names are not enough. Deep personalisation is required.

Has the “smart content” bug bitten you yet?

The other day I received a phone call from a client asking me to explain “smart content”. They had heard people talking about it and wondered what it was and whether it was worthwhile investing in some kind of system. It was another one of those occasions when I silently

The Internet - concept
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The future of ecommerce

What does the future hold for online retailers? Where can they go from here and what are the shopping public expecting?

Graph showing open rates of emails and their subject length

3 Ways to increase email open rates

Email open rates are falling, yet some industries outperform others significantly. Learning from those sectors shows three things you must do to boost email open rates.