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Is your email out of control?

Last week I had a bit of a panic with my newsletter. As always, I check my email just after 10:00 am to see that the message has been delivered OK. However, by 10.15 nothing had arrived, and I was worried that it hadn’t been sent. So, I logged into

Rude Emails: Man punching tablet in anger
Internet Psychology

Rude emails have a wide impact

Rude emails have an impact that goes beyond upsetting an individual. The stress of incivility in emails spreads to colleagues, friends and family.

Email overload can be solved

Five ways to deal with email overload

Email overload is a significant problem affecting every office worker. Half the working day is now spent on email thanks to the overload. Each of us having to cope with more than 300 emails per day. Here are five ways you can cope with email overload and avoid the associated stress and frustration. Using these five methods can significantly reduce the time it takes to handle email.

email overload concept

Can you really achieve inbox zero?

Can you really achieve inbox zero? This article investigates the concept and looks at the psychology behind email overload.