Author: Graham Jones

Business forecasting concept
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How good is your business forecasting?

producing a vision for what you are going to do and why you will do it. Forget thinking about what other people will do. You can forecast your future if you create it.

man searching
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Can you find what you are looking for?

If you want to increase your sales, your business needs to make it easy to find everything. That means reviewing how your web search works. It suggests you might need to reconsider the navigation structure of your website. It might even mean you need to distribute your content away from your site and have it on a variety of different platforms.

Empty football stadium with no supporters
Internet Psychology

How well supported are you at work?

Yesterday I was transported back in time. I haven’t discovered time travel. Instead, my mind quickly flipped back to a meeting about three years ago that involved the same group of people. I noticed how dramatically different they were in yesterday’s meeting compared with the one in 2018. Back then,

Man using digital technology
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Are you obsessed with digital?

Being obsessed with digital could take you away from old-school technologies that do the job better. Yet, avoiding technological change can cost your business dearly. How can you get the balance right?

Racist abuse condemned online
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Why do people post racist abuse online?

Racist abuse online is not new. It has been happening for decades. In the past couple of days, racist abuse has hit the headlines following vile online attacks against three England footballers, Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka. On Sunday, these three black players did not score penalties in

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Is your brain back to front?

British businesses will spend this weekend on tenterhooks as they wait for Monday’s announcement from the Government about the ending of lockdowns. For the past couple of weeks, the mutterings from 10 Downing Street suggest that the so-called “freedom day” will not happen. Indeed, yesterday there were “rumblings” implying that

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Can you do boring tasks?

Last week, not far from the M25 in Buckinghamshire, the biggest-ever boring machine in the UK started its slow churn through the Chiltern hills to dig a tunnel for the HS2 rail system. It will take three years for the device to complete the 10-mile tunnel in a non-stop effort.

Fence painting
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When did you last paint your garden fence?

If you are a “big change” business, then you are like my garden fence. Leaving it unpainted for so long has created much more work, at a higher cost, than if it had been tended to every year. Ignoring reviews of your online activity for long periods also means you make more work for yourself and raise your costs.

Student studying online

Students are frightened to return to campus learning

News reaches me this morning, showing that the past year of online learning has been much worse for students than many expected. In a thorough analysis of students who have been working online since last April, this study shows that there is massive fear about studying normally in the future.

Daylight savings time concept
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Do you need to make up for lost time?

Daylight Savings interrupts your sleep for several days Imagine for a moment that you are the captain of a huge container ship. Due to bad luck and a following wind, you have managed to get your vessel stuck across a major shipping route. Hundreds of other ships have to stay

Happiness concept
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Do you know what makes you happy?

Do you know what makes you happy? Probably. But do you also know what makes you unhappy? This article contains the answer – and it is not COVID…!

storytime for children
Internet Psychology

Are you sitting comfortably?

Children for years have been told to sit comfortably and listen. It means we all sit down too long…! Getting up from your desk has now been shown to improve your attention. You will be less distracted online if you get up and move, rather than sit comforably.

Foosteps in sand

Do you need 10,000 steps?

The other day I was on a Zoom call when one of the participants said that lockdown was not helping with their weight. Having spent almost a year sitting at their desk, this person’s weight had risen. They are not alone. Indeed, the other day I glanced at the “step

Man at computer in dark room
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Are you enjoying lockdown?

Yesterday I had a meeting at lunchtime, so I had to take a late lunch. As I sat in the kitchen munching on my sardines, I switched on the TV. The “hard news” of the lunchtime bulletin gets replaced with softer stories early in the afternoon. So, while I was


Can you predict your future?

On Friday morning I was listening to a radio phone-in when the presenter said, “Please, no more calls about a Brexit deal…!” He then went on to say “We have no way of knowing what will or won’t be decided. There are a bunch of people locked in a room

Person wearing face mask

Have you got “pandemic fatigue”?

Pandemic fatigue is making people either pessimistic or too optimistic. Your future depends upon you being realistic. But how do you do that?

Christmas presents
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Are you ready for Christmas?

OK, I know, it is September, and I am talking about Christmas. Sorry for bringing it up so early. Even if you are not Christian and don’t celebrate Christmas, late December is still an important time of the year for businesses. It’s the traditional time when people hand out business