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Finding the perfect social media management tool for your business

By Lilach Bullock Are you using social media marketing to promote your business online? Sometimes, it’s not just about what you’re posting, but what tool you’re using. A good social media management tool can help you get better results from your marketing, at a much faster rate. In this post,

Mobile marketing is essential
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How to Get the Most out of Mobile Marketing

New campaigns need to be designed around the smartphone and other high-end mobile devices if they are going to have the greatest market penetration.

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How do product descriptions sell more products?

If all or any of your product descriptions are currently a straight lift from the manufacturer’s descriptions, or even from a competitor’s website, you will receive far less organic web traffic to your website.

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What Google AMP Means For Your Online Business

A new program by Google, called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) aims to dramatically reduce loading times for mobile users who click on article links on Google’s search engine.

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Finding the right colour for your brand

The colour that you choose to represent your business will have a massive impact on how people perceive your brand. Here’s how it works.