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Experienced consumers consider more options

As people get more used to online shopping they way they buy things on the web will change. They will become “experienced consumers” and will search harder for bargains.

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Do you know your ABC from your LBC? You should

The broadcaster Nick Ferrari has launched a campaign on the radio station LBC to improve the education of children about online bullying. Here’s why you need to support that campaign.

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Social media is harmful to your children

Social media is harmful to children. Numerous studies now point to emotional damage, particularly for younger children. Here’s what you can do about it.

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Why walking will improve your online business

New year, new you, new business? The desire to improve your fitness and health at this time of year will have significant benefits for your online business.

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Why your website must look like your visitors

People who land on your website expect it to say “this is for me”. They need to identify with your site in a second. New research confirms this is the case for word of mouth too.

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Mobile is not as important as we think

Mobile is increasingly important for search and for the initial discovery of things to buy. But the desktop is where most purchases are made.

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Has digital delivery had its day?

Physical items are really important to people, even in this digital age. Don’t ignore the potential for physicality

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Are marketers going down the wrong road?

More and more businesses are using a greater number of channels. That means much of what they do is becoming invisible as it is ubiquitous.