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Time management techniques use diaries like this one

Time management techniques don’t work when you use the Internet

Time management techniques do not always work. No matter what the time management gurus will tell you, it isn’t always possible to follow the rules about productivity or use the techniques that will supposedly transform your day. So what do you do when all time management techniques fail?

Text sign showing Self Publish. Conceptual photo Publication Write Journalism Manuscript Article Facts written on Notebook Book on the jute background Marker next to it.

Can you really be a self-publisher?

Being a self-publisher is a dream for many people. For others, it is a reality as they produce their own books and place them on Amazon. But then the real issues kick in – marketing, PR, distribution. Few people who become a self-publisher think they’ll end up spending less time on writing than anything else.

Mobile shopping basket
Online Business

Don’t get fooled by the buzz about mobile shopping

Mobile shopping is a hot trend at the moment. The web is buzzing with stats and data about the surge towards mobile shopping. Advertisers are pushing their efforts towards mobile too. It is as though the desktop is being ditched. Yet the desktop is responsible for more transactions than mobile. The headlines mislead.

Social media bias is like following sheep

Is there a hidden bias in social media that is harming your business?

Social media bias is well-known. The concept of “echo chambers” has been discussed widely in politics, for instance. However, the issue of bias on brand pages is also an issue. New research shows that brands are getting a biased view of their business if they use social media.

Psychological ownership comes from trying on clothes
Internet Psychology

Creating a sense of psychological ownership will boost sales

Psychological ownership is a familiar concept of consumer behaviour. If people think they already own something, they are much more likely to buy it. So you can get potential purchasers of anything you sell to feel more willing to buy if they already feel they own the product or service. By creating a sense of ownership, people are more likely to buy from you.

Artificial intelligence and consumer behaviour will be used to study online shopping
Internet Psychology

Artificial intelligence and consumer behaviour work well together

Artificial Intelligence and consumer behaviour go well together. Consumer behaviour is difficult to analyse as it varies a great deal. Often, you need in-depth studies to see what is going on. Artificial intelligence (AI) can cut through that and give you ideas on how to sell more.

Hashtag word in search box

Are hashtags dead? The problems with using a #hashtag

Hashtags are highly popular yet most are, frankly, useless. Some appear to be able to garner huge support, such as #metoo, but others fade into obscurity. Hashtags also polarise and change behaviour. So they might not be as valuable as we think.

Facebook business dislike key

What now for the business use of Facebook?

Facebook is under fire from all directions. Business investors are losing confidence. Governments are threatening legislation. Users are engaging less. We could be witnessing the beginning of the end of Facebook. Or we could be watching the emergence of a new style social network. Either way, there are huge implications.

Woman working outside on the beach
Internet Psychology

Is it worth working outside?

Outside working could have significant benefits for your business. Research shows that we learn more and remember more when we are in the open air, than when we are inside a building. It seems that being indoors affects our attention.

Road sign saying "Mindfulness"
Internet Psychology

Will mindfulness help your online business?

Mindfulness is increasingly popular. But is it just a fad or can mindfulness help you improve your online business? This article looks at the ways in which mindfulness can help your online business or your website.

Sensory gratification marketing is easy with real products
Internet Marketing

How to make the most of sensory gratification marketing on your website

Sensory gratification marketing is easy to do in the real world. People can pick up and touch products, they can feel them, smell them, listen to them, even taste them. But online almost none of that is possible. So how can you use sensory gratification marketing on a web page? This article explains just how you can do that and gain the benefits of stimulating all the senses of your visitors.

Link Building 2018

Link building 2018: Three reasons you should alter your focus

Links are useful because people click on them and get directed to your web pages. Many links, though, have been placed around the web for SEO (search engine optimisation) and that’s a waste of time. Indeed, Google says you don’t need to bother with this. The search engine can find mentions of your website, even if there is no link.

Email overload can be solved

Five ways to deal with email overload

Email overload is a significant problem affecting every office worker. Half the working day is now spent on email thanks to the overload. Each of us having to cope with more than 300 emails per day. Here are five ways you can cope with email overload and avoid the associated stress and frustration. Using these five methods can significantly reduce the time it takes to handle email.

Putin and trump (courtesy
Internet Psychology

How to spot an online narcissist

Narcissistic behaviour appears to be increasing online. What problems can that cause for you and how do you deal with it?