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BBC London

Appeared on the BBC London breakfast show this morning talking about children and the potential for iPad addiction

The Great Britain Brain Experiment

A new mobile app developed by scientists at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL aims to carry out, on an unprecedented scale, science experiments that could previously only be conducted on small groups of volunteers in the lab


Can you be addicted to SEO?

Is it possible to suffer from SEO addiction? Can you actually be too focused on search engine optimisation?

Some people are plugged in to the Internet

Proof: Internet Addiction DOES exist

How much time is too much online? Like many things, people can become addicted to the Internet, though psychological diagnosis manuals still refer to Internet Addiction as an “impulse control disorder“, which means that as yet there is insufficient evidence to truly confirm that “Internet Addiction Disorder” (IAD) is a true medical condition. However, new […]

You are the most important thing online

Tailor your website to increase success

Smokers face a tough choice: give up cigarettes, improve their health and save money – or – avoid the battle of dealing with a strong addiction by carrying on smoking. For decades health professionals have struggled to ensure that smokers give up. Indeed, many people who smoke want to stop doing it, but the addiction […]

Talk Sport

Just been interviewed on Talk Sport radio about why people are so angry online – why people are more ready to vent their spleen online than in the real world.

BBC World Service

Been with a producer for the BBC World Service today doing a lengthy interview for a programme on Internet addiction – due to be broadcast on 15th March 2011.

The brain


The developing field of cyberpsychology encompasses all psychological phenomena that are associated with or affected by emerging technology. Cyber comes from the word cybernetics, the study of the operation of control and communication; psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Cyberpsychology is the study of the human mind and behavior in the context […]


Search will not really answer your questions

Finding out what Chancellor George Osborne says today in the Comprehensive Spending Review is easy – you can listen to it word by word on BBC Radio Five Live. Alternatively, you can log on to the Government’s own live streaming service, Parliament Live TV. Not only that, Sky, BBC News and loads of other broadcasters […]

BBC WM Interview

Interviewed by presenter Danny Kelly on the subject of Internet Addiction – especially in relation to a 33-year-old mother who became so obsessed with the online world she forgot to look after her children and her dogs who died and whose bodies rotted in the lounge as she forgot them.

Technology – An Addiction or a Habit?

Here is a short documentary on Internet addiction in which I appear. The documentary was made by a media studies student as part of her final year project. Technology – An Addiction or a Habit?! from Claire Tacey-Green on Vimeo.

Internet usage does not cause depression

Researchers at the University of Leeds have demonstrated a link between using the Internet and moderate depression. People should not, however, jump to the conclusion that the Internet causes depressive illness. Indeed, the reverse may well be the case, with the Internet contributing to an improvement in mental health. Regular use of the Internet may […]

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