Email marketing has yet to achieve anything

British consumers would rather receive traditional direct mail than an email marketing campaign. That’s the conclusion of new research conducted for the Institute of Direct Marketing. Less than one in five people surveyed wanted to receive marketing material via email – they preferred to get it in the post. So … Read more

Trust is a key issue in email marketing

Readers of email messages designed to sell them something are much more likely to buy if the top of the email carries a security logo. This is the conclusion of a study performed by a publishing company. What they discovered was the fact that if an email contained an isolated … Read more

Email is so 20th Century

Younger people – those under 40 – don’t rely on email. They may use it, but rarely check their inbox. Conversely, the over-40s love email so much, they feel their life would not be complete without it. If you run an online business these differences are important to notice. If … Read more

Email Marketing Is About Trust

Marketing via email can be very productive. Indeed, many Internet marketers make more money from their email list than they do from their web pages. But, with “open rates” and “click through rates” going down the whole time, how can you make money from your list? Well, as always there … Read more

Email marketing needs a new approach

Today I was at the annual Email Marketing Conference of the UK’s Direct Marketing Association. There were several interesting facts revealed during the day, but several speakers echoed a single theme. They were clear that email marketing is not like other forms of direct marketing. Instead, it is much more … Read more