Email users are more intelligent

Hate your inbox? Think again. All that emailing you do could be doing two things for you. According to a small study of Australian schoolchildren, email makes you more intelligent and increases your popularity at the same time. The research found that boys in particular were more popular the more … Read more

Should you personalise your email marketing?

Dear “First Name”……? We’ve all seen it – so-called “personalised” emails where the hapless Internet marketer has not set up their email software effectively, or hasn’t read the instructions on how to put together a personalised email. Or you get an email saying “Dear Subscriber” when you haven’t paid them … Read more

Email beats Facebook in online marketing

Email marketing works

Everywhere you look these days there is advice on social media marketing; you can hardly move for all the media coverage of Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, you would think that is all there is to the online world if you had just landed here from another planet. Want to know … Read more

Beating the cognitive load of email

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook (pictured), announced a new messaging system which many are calling a “Gmail Killer“. But in his press conference yesterday, Mr Zuckerberg was actually pointing out his system was not email, nor a replacement for it. Instead, he described his “aha” moment when talking to … Read more

Email marketing wastes so much time

Email marketing is a waste of almost everyone’s time. You spend a considerable part of your day handling email marketing messages. You either read them and then ignore them, or delete them or file them – but whatever you do, several hours of your working week are spent handling email … Read more

Forget Twitter, go back to email

Twitter is the current “in thing”; the numbers of people using it is rising exponentially. But could it have reached its peak? Remember just a year ago when the buzz was about Second Life? What happened? It didn’t even get discussed at the recent Social Media Conference in London. And … Read more

Confusion reigns over email marketing

People are getting confused over the benefits of email marketing according to a new report on “customer engagement“. The study shows that 45% of businesses say they have not done email marketing to any great degree because of budgetary concerns. Now, with the recession beginning to bite and budgets being … Read more

If you aren’t email marketing you’re losing money

Email marketing is often frowned upon; indeed with the constant rise in spam messages, people are wondering if email is a viable communications method at all. Some people have latched on to a recent report from Jupiter Research which suggests email is losing its effectiveness as a marketing method. However, … Read more

How to get your emails opened

Getting your emails opened can be a real problem. We are being drowned in a sea of email messages, texts, RSS feeds, Twitters and all sorts of instant messages. Is it any wonder that people fail to open emails? I was in a client’s office the other day and she … Read more

Forget email – it’s old hat

Old people – that is those aged over 19 – use email frequently. But teenagers hardly every use it; instead they are into instant messaging, big time. Although there is a marginal increase in email usage amongst teenagers, the vast majority still prefer instant messaging. Indeed, a week or two … Read more