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You have new mail

Switch off email for a happier life

Constant email and always having email windows open can damage your health by keeping your heart beating too fast. Control your email before it controls you.

Sleeping on a laptop

Email stops you sleeping

Checking emails late at night can affect your sleep patterns, say experts. Avoid sleep disruption with an effective email strategy.


Believe me, this is true – people lie online

Tom Crone, the lawyer from News International is adamant he is telling the truth about the News of the World phone hacking scandal. But the company boss, James Murdoch, is also insistent that he is telling the truth too. Considering that these two powerful men are giving rather different versions


Email users are more intelligent

Hate your inbox? Think again. All that emailing you do could be doing two things for you. According to a small study of Australian schoolchildren, email makes you more intelligent and increases your popularity at the same time. The research found that boys in particular were more popular the more


Should you personalise your email marketing?

Dear “First Name”……? We’ve all seen it – so-called “personalised” emails where the hapless Internet marketer has not set up their email software effectively, or hasn’t read the instructions on how to put together a personalised email. Or you get an email saying “Dear Subscriber” when you haven’t paid them

Email marketing works

Email beats Facebook in online marketing

Everywhere you look these days there is advice on social media marketing; you can hardly move for all the media coverage of Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, you would think that is all there is to the online world if you had just landed here from another planet. Want to know

We love email and believe it

This is not a rumour – email is dangerous..!

An apology was issued to 38 British soldiers yesterday because they had mistakenly been told they were to lose their jobs – via email. Getting dismissed by email is not new, of course, but it is no joke when it happens. Equally, some partners have been “dumped” by text message.

Email symbol

Email messages reveal more about you than you think

The sports retailer, JJB Sports is reportedly in talks with rival JD Sports this morning in a bid to create a 750 store “super chain” of sports shops. JJB has been in some trouble for a while, with shop closures and the need to raise extra capital. But can you


Beating the cognitive load of email

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook (pictured), announced a new messaging system which many are calling a “Gmail Killer“. But in his press conference yesterday, Mr Zuckerberg was actually pointing out his system was not email, nor a replacement for it. Instead, he described his “aha” moment when talking to


Email is more important than you might think

Wayne Rooney may or may not leave Manchester United. But one thing is for sure: Sir Alex Ferguson will have no trouble finding a replacement. Deep down in yesterday’s reports of Rooney’s reticence to stay in Manchester there is the telling comment from Sir Alex. He said that we would


Email marketers taken to task for failing and being wrong

We love email – so why don’t more companies get it right? People like receiving emails. In spite of all the hype about spam and “phishing attacks”, email is still one of the most loved aspects of the Internet. Indeed, recent research by the Direct Marketing Association shows that people


Email marketing is vital to your business success

Here’s a test you can conduct today in your local High Street. Grab a clipboard and ask 100 people whether they have heard of “email”. Ask them also if they have heard of “RSS”. Then ask them another question: ask which of these two communication systems they have ever used.


Companies neglect obvious email sales opportunities

Here’s a quick task for you: go through your inbox and find some emails from the employees of companies you are in contact with. They may be messages from technical support people, or perhaps receipts from the accounts department, maybe something from an executive or two. Now take a close


Email marketing wastes so much time

Email marketing is a waste of almost everyone’s time. You spend a considerable part of your day handling email marketing messages. You either read them and then ignore them, or delete them or file them – but whatever you do, several hours of your working week are spent handling email


Email proves better than social media at selling

Customers are more likely to buy via email than any other means. That’s the conclusion of a new study by e-Dialog which showed that 63% of people would make an impulse buy as a result of an email. The survey of over 5,000 people in Europe showed clearly that email

Forget Twitter, go back to email

Twitter is the current “in thing”; the numbers of people using it is rising exponentially. But could it have reached its peak? Remember just a year ago when the buzz was about Second Life? What happened? It didn’t even get discussed at the recent Social Media Conference in London. And