Retailers are bound to do better online

busy shoppers

Retailers are predicting a bleak year ahead, with many already reporting a bad Christmas this year. Meanwhile, online stores have been breaking all records. On Boxing Day there were almost 100m visits to online shops with shoppers spending a total of 13 million hours browsing; this is a 20% increase … Read more

Your online products need plenty of reviews

Harry Judd, the drummer from that popular beat combo McFly, is a brilliant dancer; we all know that because he won the TV contest, “Strictly Come Dancing” on Saturday night in front of a massive 12m viewers. Meanwhile, in other news, we all know that the French hate the English … Read more

Why you should have a slow shopping cart

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is today urging German Chancellor Angela Merkel to quicken the pace on sorting out Europe’s financial muddle. However, it might be a good idea to go slow. Rushing and impatience for results do not appear to be great bedfellows for financial stability. New research shows that … Read more

People decide to buy sooner than you think

Deciding to buy

If you are a tennis fan yesterday afternoon’s final in the Wimbledon Championships was a thriller. Whether you wanted Nadal to win again or were cheering on the underdog Djokovic you had decided on your favourite long before the match. Indeed, you may never be able to put your finger … Read more

Boost your online business by avoiding stereotypes

Goggles might be dangerous. Really?

Pen-pushing health and safety experts are being blamed for the latest “ban” to afflict children. In another example of “health and safety gone mad” children in in Oxfordshire are being banned from wearing goggles when swimming because there is the “danger” that these protective devices might snap onto a youngster’s … Read more

Online retailers are fumbling in the dark

Bootiful Berrnard Matthews died yesterday having turned a simple £2.50 start-up “fund” into a multi-million pound empire. He was an astute businessman, turning down advice from so-called marketing experts who wanted his strapline to be about “tough birds”, inventing the “bootiful” line himself. It suggests that the Norfolk entrepreneur knew … Read more

Retailers show their ostrich tendencies

Gordon Brown has gone quiet on us, hasn’t he. One speech recently, but other than that, out the back he went. It’s almost as if he pretends we’re not here, we’ll go away. Indeed, while he was our unelected Prime Minister, he seemed to behave as though ignoring the financial … Read more

Retailers are frightened of the internet

Do you go down every aisle in the supermarket? If so you are more likely to gain web success. Supermarket shoppers fall into two distinct types – which one are you? One kind of shopper goes up and down every aisle, making sure they see everything so they don’t forget … Read more

Speedy websites are food for thought

Fast food makes you think fast – so will fast websites I am writing this as fast as I can because I know you want to read it quickly. OK, old joke I know, but….there is a point. Honest. I have just primed your mind to think of speed and … Read more

Bookshops beware – ebooks are on the march

The New Amazon Kindle DX When Jeff Bezos launched on 15th October 1998 he was told it would never work, because people in Britain preferred to shop in “real bookshops”. Presumably, with Amazon just reporting quarterly income of almost $7bn, those critics are eating their proverbial hats. Online book … Read more

Mobile users hang up on internet retailers

Millions of people go shopping on their mobile, but most online businesses fail to meet their requirements How do you know if someone has an iPhone? Don’t worry they will tell you soon enough. Indeed, anyone with any kind of smartphone is likely to be rather public about their ownership … Read more