Year: 2009

Email marketing is more art than science

Statisticians have been bent double over data about email marketing and have come up with an answer to a question that is pretty pointless. Every year various people try to analyse what is the best day of the week to send out a marketing email. The notion is that if

Top 10 online retailers show Internet hopefuls what to do

Internet shoppers were hungry for bargains on Christmas Day it seems. Indeed, John Lewis reported a 12-fold increase in visits to its web site this Christmas, compared with 2007. But that may well be because they launched an online sale immediately after their physical stores closed their doors on Christmas

Ten ways to add content to your blog

Daily posting in your blog is essential if you are to get visitors. Think about it from the readers’ perspective for a moment. They come to your site because your information is valuable to them. But like readers of newspapers they expect more than just an occasional snippet of information.

How to manage multiple blogs

While some bloggers may focus exclusively on only one blog at a time, there are many bloggers who manage to maintain several different blogs concurrently. However, not all bloggers do this successfully. Some bloggers compromise quality of content as well as quantity of content by trying to maintain too many

Tap into the psychology of your web site visitors

If your web site fails to connect with your visitors, your online business will not succeed. Far more important to your profits are the people who visit your web site, rather than the technology you use or the design of your pages. That’s why your business needs to consider the

How to set up a rapid response email system

Your business needs a rapid response email system. Without such a service your company or organisation will lose reputation as well as custom. In other words if you do not have a rapid response email system in place, you will lose money and could damage the entire future of your

How to keep your email messages short

Sometimes email messages can get quite long, especially when you quote much of the material that has been sent in previous emails. Also, emails often get long if you have a lot to say or you need to give a comprehensive overview of a particular business situation. Most people tend

Google pollutes the air – and knowledge

Executives at Google have been quick to respond to the claims that surfaced this weekend about the harm the search engine does to the environment. According to a physicist, Alex Wissner-Gross, a single Google search produces 7 grams of carbon dioxide – the “greenhouse gas”. Not so, says Google, it’s

How to make social networking work for you

Social networking is clearly taking off. Indeed, Facebook is getting around 150,000 new members every day of the week. Add to that MySpace, YouTube, Bebo and specialist sites like Ecademy and you can see that before long the whole Internet world will be in some social network or another. Why

Social Media Articles

How to use Twitter in your business

Twitter is a “micro-blogging” service that allows you to make posts of no more than 140 characters (including spaces). This allows you to send very short messages to people and therefore has a range of useful business applications. Initially, when Twitter was launched in October 2006 it was seen as

Blogging and personal branding

The first known ‘blog’ appeared on the web in December 1997. A year later, at the end of 1998, there were only 23 web sites that were of the same kind – constantly updated snippets of information written by one person. It was not until the middle of 1999 that

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About Graham Jones

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Get ready for web meetings

Frequent flyers are going to have to make do with fewer points, lower bonuses and less shopping in airports. That’s the conclusion from the latest Hitwise analysis of online searching for flights. Compared with the same period last year, interest in booking flights online is down by more than 42%

Pleasure is the key to Internet success

Many Internet marketing “gurus” will tell you that if you are trying to sell something online all your copy, your advertisements, your headlines and so on should lead the reader to realise you can help them avoid pain. Indeed, much of the marketing advice given by many experts is on

Internet information overload starts the New Year

Welcome to 2009; never before have you been on the receiving end of so much information. There are more web pages than you could read in your entire life, assuming you lived to 100. More books are published now than ever – and there are more printed magazines and newspapers

Did the Internet stress you out today?

Today was, apparently, the most stressful day of the year. Not bad considering we’re only five days in. Allegedly, the combination of a mass return to work, the financial meltdown and the Christmas “overload” meant that we were all doomed from first thing this morning. Well, I did manage to

Happy New Year: What will the Internet bring you in 2009?

Happy New Year; I hope you have enjoyed the celebrations and that you don’t start off 2009 with too much of a headache..! At this time of year, of course, it is traditional to look towards the future and set your resolutions for the coming 12 months. Don’t. Resolutions are