Year: 2009

BBC Newcastle

Appearing on BBC Radio Newcastle this afternoon talking about online Christmas shopping

Online Digital PR training course now widely available with government funding

‘Online Digital PR’, the one-day workshop in digital PR and social media techniques from The PR Training Centre, is now available in-house for as little as £1,500. And Government grants available through the Train To Gain scheme means companies can get £1,000 in funding for the workshop. According to principal


Why is everyone shopping online today?

As you sit at your computer reading this, tens of thousands of people are shopping online. Indeed, today it is expected that at its peak online shopping will reach a whopping £4,000 per second. Shoppers are likely to be parting with an amazing £350m online today. But why? Why are


Bleating from Borders belies the boring truth

So, Borders has gone into administration in the UK after a dreadful trading period.  Apparently they have “cash flow” problems meaning they are potentially unable to meet their financial demands. According to several reports, it’s the Internet’s fault. But this simply is not true. Nine out of ten books bought

Online Business

Here is the news….Britain is late…again…!

News is, well, new. It’s stuff that’s either an update on information we already know, or it is brand, spanking new. Newspapers are not called “oldspapers” after all…what they give us is (relatively) new material. Online, of course, “new” means “within the last few seconds”; the race to be the


How to avoid blogging hell

Many bloggers are unhappy bloggers. They find it difficult to get inspired to write and when they do they are upset by the lack of readers. Then when they look at their website’s statistical data they are even more saddened by the lack of time people spend reading their musings.


How to sell more online by making it easy to see your products

Do you want to sell more from your website? OK, silly question, I know. But one of the difficulties anyone selling stuff online has is that they cannot really control the sales environment. People tend to buy more when they are comfortable. But your sales environment might be someone’s office,

Internet Use at Work

The study presented by Entensys ( was completed in April-June, 2009. The results are based on the analysis of websites visited by 41,200 employees in 1,600 enterprises. In the end of 2008, Entensys released a new version of UserGate Proxy & Firewall that included a content filtering tool. This feature

New online link creates startling opportunities for IFAs

A new feature on business social networking site LinkedIn, is giving financial advisers startling new opportunities to raise their profile on the Internet. Until recently, an IFA or financial planner could use LinkedIn’s ‘status update’ tool to communicate with their network, clients or professional connections on the LinkedIn website.  But

YouTube will become key financial advice distribution route

Founder of social networking website for IFAs, Philip Calvert predicts that video will become a key technology for IFAs to raise their profile online and to provide financial advice and information. With YouTube acknowledged as the world’s second most popular search engine*, the video hosting website will be a quick


Facebook is right on the button for safety

Children who get bullied online should rightly be protected; so too should adults who get “cyberbullied” as it is called. Today, though, a major row has erupted between the police and Facebook over a seemingly innocuous little “button” that helps people cope with online abuse. Jim Gamble, the CEO of


Twitter and Facebook could significantly change human health

What’s the biggest breakthrough in human health in the last couple of hundred years do you reckon? is it antibiotics? Or, perhaps, anaesthetics? Or what about scanner technology? In spite of these significant developments in human medicine, they are not as revolutionary in health terms as the installation of sanitation.

Stop moaning about the problems the Internet causes your business

Fed up with the ever growing range of technologies and websites your business needs to know about? Is that information overload getting you down? Or what about the need to get training and development for all manner of new devices and online systems, such as Twitter or Google Wave? The

Be careful who advises you about the Internet

Who advises you about SEO or Pay Per Click? Do they ever say that things are tough? Perhaps. Who helps you with your business planning? Does he or she ever tell you about difficulties? If you answer “yes” to questions like this, you need to change your advisers – fast.

Brits Waste 4.6 Million Hours A Day Commuting

Research launched as part of National Commute Smart Week finds ‘smart commuting’ could dramatically reduce travel to and from work 62% of commuters want to reduce time spent travelling to and from work Being stuck in traffic, travelling in the dark and wasting time are big frustrations 46% say bosses

Search and Social Media Integration Will Draw More Brands to Social Media

The recent announcement that the major search engines Google and Bing will incorporate social media content into their search results will place the onus on brands to make the most of the online marketplace according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of social networking software for brands and businesses. The

It’s Official: Digital Experiences Drive Customers

Digital brand experiences do create new customers, according to the just-released FEED: The Razorfish Digital Brand Experience Report ( Fully 64% of consumers surveyed made their first purchase from a brand because of a digital experience – either with a website, microsite, mobile coupon or email. Razorfish ( surveyed 1,000