Year: 2009


Twitter study proves your website needs to be entertaining

Entertainers top the charts on a study of Twitter influence. According to the phone manufacturer, INQ, the most influential people on Twitter are mostly entertainers and celebrity sports people. Fourteen of the Top 20 influencers are entertainers and well-known sporting legends. There are only two business people in the list

How to get the most out of PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest independent payment gateways in the world with over 180 million account holders, 20 million of which are UK account holders. PayPal has always been a popular choice for website owners looking to increase their revenue and after its acquisition by eBay in 2002, PayPal

UK shoppers lose their Christmas spirit when shopping online

Almost of all of us will shop online this Christmas. No huge surprise there, but according to research all is not rosy in retailing cyberspace. More than 32 per cent of consumers cite slow loading pages as their biggest pet-hate when shopping online, with a quarter waiting just 10 seconds

Online Business

Online customers are highly sensitive to your prices

How much are your customers willing to pay for what you sell? Getting the price right is notoriously difficult – especially online thanks to a plethora of price comparison sites. However, new research from Korea (where Internet usage is amongst the highest in the world) suggests that companies should not

Three quarters of smartphone users won’t get a Christmas break

New research of 1,053 smartphone owners by the UK’s leading mobile phone price comparison website has shown that more than 3 in 4 people claim they will not be able to take a proper break from the office this Christmas, as their Blackberry or iPhone handsets will prevent them from Hosts 2nd Annual Holiday Twitter Trivia Contest, a leading domain name registrar, is hosting its second annual holiday Twitter trivia contest, featuring $20,000 in prizes including domain name credits, Dell Studio 15 laptops, and Barnes & Noble nooks. “We had a great time with our trivia contest last year and felt our clients and new users

Effective Student Marketing Releases 10 Tips for Social Media

Effective Student Marketing, Inc. recently released “10 Tips to Jumpstart Your School’s Social Media (” on the company website. The list is designed to help schools understand what makes a social media campaign effective, and offers a good starting place for schools that are new to social media. By outlining

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Would Simon Cowell say your website has the X Factor?

Simon Cowell is, of course, the real winner of The X Factor in spite of the deserved win last night of 18-year-old Joe McElderry.  Even though Joe has been awarded a £1m prize contract, Simon Cowell’s company, Syco, is likely to make much, much more. Whatever you might think about Mr

Online Communities Provide Improved Customer Service

The use of online communities in addressing consumer issues and concerns will result in a more comprehensive customer service process and an improved experience for consumers according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of online community software ( for brands and businesses. The vastly improved degree of interactivity between consumers

PR Agency Punch Communications Identifies the Personal & Professional DNA of the Social Network

Leading PR company ( Punch Communications has identified a vital trend in the utilisation of social networks for personal and professional use. From a brand perspective, social networks invest significant resource in differentiating their product offering from competitors in an increasingly crowded market; the net result being that people utilise

New Diploma in Digital Marketing Qualification Launched by MMC Learning

MMC Learning has launched the Diploma in Digital Marketing qualification accredited by the CAM Foundation and Awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. The course is delivered through a unique, flexible study, video e-learning package designed for working professionals. Business professionals are now taking the Diploma in Digital Marketing course

SES New York 2010 Registration Now Open

On the heels of record breaking attendance at Search Engine Strategies (SES) Chicago, SES announced today that registration is now open for SES New York ( to be held March 22-26, 2010 at the Hilton New York. The conference and expo will consist of multiple keynotes and more than 70

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Tiger Woods reveals a crucial requirement for great online business

Tiger Woods has a clear reputation problem at the moment – which will no doubt compound his personal, family issues. At the moment the world is full of rumour, allegation and speculation; none of it is known fact, largely because Tiger Woods appears poorly advised on what to do. He

Internet Psychology

Helping others online could boost your business

Today sees President Obama receiving his Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his initial attempts to make the world we live in a better place. His roots in working in social care make President Obama somewhat different to many previous presidents, who came from business or law. Rather than seeking


Two reasons why people don’t buy online

Online retailers are failing to focus on two key issues which are persistent barriers to Internet shoppers. A new study of online buyers has found that taken together these two issues are stopping more than half the people who use the Internet from buying anything online. We may well have

Global authority on financial life planning to speak at social media conference

IFA Life is delighted to announce that ‘Father of Life Planning’ George Kinder will keynote at the Social Media in Financial Services conference in January 2010 and lead a debate on ‘hi touch, hi tech’ financial planning. Widely acknowledged as a key visionary in the financial planning world, George Kinder’s

Green Cross Code for the Internet is another Government mess

Gordon Brown and Ed Balls are today announcing the Green Cross Code for the Internet. The idea is that it will provide children with a means of staying safe online. The code has been drawn up following the Byron review of Internet safety which resulted in the formation of a