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Happy New Year

Happy New Year; have a great 2010. Thank you so much for supporting me over the past year and reading my blog – it is much appreciated. In 2010 I have plans to expand the service I provide and to write more practical articles to help you enhance your online

Internet Marketing Crucial for Local Business Success

For years, businesses have relied on marketing strategies like cold calling, direct mail, and yellow pages to promote their business and get new customers. These techniques are dead and do more to tarnish a business’ image than to promote it. Nobody likes to receive unsolicited sales calls; direct mail is

How SEO, Web 2.0, New Media is Changing PR

There used to be a time when professional public relations consisted of typing up a news release and placing it into a fax machine. One can remember taking dozens of news releases packed neatly into elegant, clean white envelopes addressed to AP, Reuters and UPI and dropping them off at

Top Trends in 2010 for Strategic Social Network Use

Beyond Search,, a Web log focused on news, research and analysis about online search and content processing, has released its list of the top 10 social network trends to come in 2010. According to Patricia Roberts, an advisor to Beyond Search: “Social networks will have far reaching impacts on


Social networking is a waste of time

Small business owners believe social media usage is a complete waste of time. That’s the conclusion from a study completed by Ad-Ology, a marketing research organisation. For each question asked, over half of the 1,000 respondents said that social media was “not beneficial”. And in some surprising data, the research

Internet Marketing

Record High Street sales are a warning to internet marketers

Shoppers flocked to the sales in Britain yesterday in the hope of getting a bargain. Today, more retailers open their doors to a predicted stampede of bargain-hunters. What’s going on? Have people suddenly got loads of money in their pockets in spite of the worst financial year on record? Are

How to write posts that get noticed

Writing posts be it for your own website or for someone else can transform your marketing efforts over night. A great post has the potential to drive huge amounts of web traffic to your website and turn you into an authority figure. If you’re anything like me, you write for


Happy Christmas, Happy Holiday

Whether it’s Christmas to you, or just a seasonal holiday, I’d like to wish you the very best for you and your family – and thank you for being a loyal reader. We are coming towards the end of the first decade of the 21st Century and we are ending

Online Business

Plan for the long term and your website will be much better

Psychologists at Kansas State University have shown that if you look to the longer term future you tend to make more positive decisions. They looked at the example of healthcare decision-making and demonstrated that if people were able to look at a large, long-term reward, rather than short-term gain, they

Mobile Functionality Is Key In New Browser Era According To Reality Digital

The availability of mobile functionality in brand websites is essential in a digital era where browsing trends and methods are moving towards portability according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of white label social network ( software for brands and businesses. With a large number of users now browsing the

Google Real-Time Puts Onus On Agencies To Get More Involved In Social Media

Social media outreach is more important than ever for PR agencies following the launch of Google’s real-time search ability according to Punch Communications, a leading Digital PR Company ( The announcement is set to have a significant impact on the PR industry as a whole, as search engine results will

Flash News interview

Just been interviewed by Flash News, the San Diego news agency about relationships and Google searches

BBC Radio

Just been on BBC radio – strangely talking about divorce (and is Facebook making it easier to do it…!)

A third of Brits in broadband penalty peril this Christmas

New research from reveals 32% of broadband users plan to watch more online TV this festive season, putting them at increased risk of incurring a penalty fine for excessive downloading The fear of missing a favourite TV show at Christmas is now firmly a thing of the past. With


You can’t afford not to Tweet now

Most business people do not use Twitter; they can’t see the point. But, shortly into the New Year, the point is going to hit them sharply between the eyes thanks to two business deals that Twitter has just signed with Google and Microsoft. If you are not using Twitter in


Why you should start your blog this Christmas

What are you doing this Christmas holiday season? Stuffing the turkey and then stuffing yourself? Slumping in front of endless hours of television “specials”? Getting stuck in hours of traffic jams in the snow as you travel to relatives to have an argument? Get your blog started this Christmas Christmas


Most social networking users prefer being face-to-face

Even people who are avid users of social networking sites prefer to be face-to-face. According to a study by the audience analysis company Crowd Science, 92% of social networkers prefer face-to-face communication. Interestingly, though, a significant slice of people prefer social networking communication to the telephone.   We would rather

Online Business

Sometimes, technology is not the answer online

Ask someone who runs a website what they need to get to the top of the search engines. Or chat to a web designer and try to wheedle out of them the best way to design a web page. In both these situations, the chances are you will get advice