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Keyboard saying "do not feed the troll"
Internet Psychology

You too could be an Internet Troll

Research shows that “trolling” is contagious. You can become an online troll if other people around you are negative and you are in a bad mood.

Stopwatch on white computer keyboard
Online Business

Is your business ready for being instant?

Retailers are moving ever closer to instant delivery. This is making the need for instant gratification even more important. Is your business ready for that?

multitasking woman using tablet, laptop and cellphone, with blank screens, indoors on a table
Internet Psychology

You can multitask online after all

Multitasking isn’t really possible – but new findings suggest that you can train yourself to multitask online activities

Ben Cohen in The Sun newspaper
Internet Psychology

You too could be like Ben Cohen

Ben Cohen’s online sex tape is something that could happen to anyone. The Internet does funny things to your behaviour.

Smartphones in hand
Internet Psychology

Don’t be too keen to join the rush to mobile

The more people use mobile devices, the more they are likely to give up on them. By communicating on mobiles, you make it less likely messages are received.

Influence is power concept
Internet Psychology

Finally, Robert Cialdini agrees with Graham Jones….!

For years, Professor Robert Cialdini has proposed his six principles of persuasion. For years, I have been teaching that these principles appear to miss out an important aspect of psychology – priming. Now, at last, Professor Cialdini has added a seventh principle to his theory, something he calls “Unity” in

Close-up of a female touching the screen of a tablet computer
Internet Psychology

Touch screens change behaviour

The act of reaching out and touching a screen affects choices made by users in ways not achieved with mouse and keyboard.