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Graham Jones Internet Psychologist

Graham Jones is an Internet Psychologist who helps businesses understand the online behaviour of their customers.


Books, articles and blog posts by Graham Jones Sales Genius is designed to help you sell more. It challenges established thinking about selling because it is based entirely on published research in peer-reviewed journals. There are 40 chapters, each based on academic research about selling, rather than on popular myths and ideas. This book debunks … Read more

The Google Effect

Is Google affecting your mind? Is there such a thing as “The Google Effect”? Listen to this short documentary to find out what you can do

Meet The Social Media Guys

Business owners in Berkshire are set to discover just how social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, can boost their company’s profits. And this advice will be dispensed free of charge by three experts in various aspects of social media. The Social Media Guys are Internet Psychologist Graham Jones, social media expert Ant Hodges … Read more

Search experts create the search problem

Fifteen hundred search engine fanatics are currently gathering in London in the midst of a three-day conference, Search Engine Strategies (SES). As the digital marketing expert, Guy Levine, put it on Twitter they are all in “Geek Heaven”. They are devouring the nitty-gritty of search and how the finest changes to your website can bring … Read more

Universal acclaim for groundbreaking IFA social media conference

Despite heavy snow on the first day of Social Media in Financial Services, the Internet marketing event for IFAs and Providers has been hailed as ‘groundbreaking’ and a huge success. Speakers from Google, YouTube, The Gate, Fincision, the BBC, Ecademy and LinkedIn revealed why and how the Internet is rapidly changing financial services distribution. Organiser … Read more

Global authority on financial life planning to speak at social media conference

IFA Life is delighted to announce that ‘Father of Life Planning’ George Kinder will keynote at the Social Media in Financial Services conference in January 2010 and lead a debate on ‘hi touch, hi tech’ financial planning. Widely acknowledged as a key visionary in the financial planning world, George Kinder’s work is rapidly attracting large … Read more

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