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Graham Jones Internet Psychologist

Graham Jones is an Internet Psychologist who helps businesses understand the online behaviour of their customers.


Books, articles and blog posts by Graham Jones Sales Genius is designed to help you sell more. It challenges established thinking about selling because it is based entirely on published research in peer-reviewed journals. There are 40 chapters, each based on academic research about selling, rather than on popular myths and ideas. This book debunks … Read more


Consultancy Services from Graham Jones Your business has to compete with millions of distractions online, for an audience that has lower attention spans than just five years ago. How can you gain attention, keep people on your website and make them want to do business with you? The answer to that is through understanding the … Read more

Finding News in Your Business

Finding News in Your Business I will find news stories in your firm you didn’t even know existed [button link=”#form”]Book a Call[/button] Your business has information within it that other people will find interesting; it will be “news” to them. Just because you know it does not mean it will not be interesting to other … Read more

Telephone Consultancy

Telephone Consultancy To Boost Your Web Business For some people it is difficult to see me face-to-face. They may be miles from where I can easily see them – in another country perhaps. For these individuals I offer a Telephone Consultancy Service. What you get from telephone consultancy When you use me as your consultant … Read more

Graham Jones – Biography

Graham Jones – Biography B.Sc. (Hons), B.A. (Hons), M.Ed., M.Sc., Adv.Dip.Ed., MBPsS, FPSA Graham’s career in communications began during his teens. He started writing for local publications and then became a contributor to BBC Radio Medway (now called Radio Kent). He continued this work as a ‘holiday relief’ presenter throughout his three years at university. … Read more

Media Biographies

Media Biographies You Can Use Here are a selection of biographies you can cut-and-paste into your newspaper or magazine or use as an introduction for broadcast interviews. Broadcast Intro 1 Joining us now is Graham Jones who is a psychologist specialising in understanding the way people use the Internet. Broadcast Intro 2 With me now … Read more

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