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Online advertising pays you quickly

There is an old saying about advertising that only half of it actually produces any results, you just don’t know which half. Many businesses don’t bother advertising because it is costly, difficult to analyse without significant research and doesn’t always bring in returns. However, many online businesses would not exist

Companies cannot lie any more

Executives in some businesses have, in the past, been ‘economical with the truth’ – to say the least. Years ago the holiday industry in the UK was famous for publishing details of hotels that didn’t actually exist. They would then take the booking, transport the holidaymaker to the destination and

Internet shopping report draws wrong conclusions

Internet shoppers are spending more money than ever before and the trend is upwards, says a new report on online retailing. However, the report concludes that the future for Internet retailers is one of gentle growth, rather than the substantial rise in online shopping we have seen in recent years.

Future of social networking looks bleak

Social networkers have taken over the Internet – or so it would seem. Everywhere you look these days there’s something about social networking. It’s the latest online “fad” and in its current form, it will not last. Currently, Internet marketers see social networking sites as vital to their business. Nearly

Many web site readers are Internet virgins

Researchers at Pew Internet, the organisation that is studying the impact of the Internet on our daily life, have discovered that only a few people are what you might call active users of technology. According to their research report, 49% of people are what they call “few tech assets” people.

Internet marketers certain to gain from major search engine study

German researchers have conducted a massive study that will enable Internet marketers to gain higher search engine positioning. The research was conducted by Sistrix, a search engine optimisation company, and it looked at 10,000 different random keywords. The company analysed the top 100 Google ranked pages for each of those

How to use blogging in five unusual ways

Bloggers tend to use blogging technology in one way – to write down their thoughts, ideas and information in an accessible format. However, blogging technology provides your business with so much more that it seems a shame to waste its capabilities. So here are five alternative suggestions for the ways

Online businesses that succeed aren’t always the best

Online business owners sometimes complain that their competitors are gaining more custom, yet their products and services are not as good. Indeed, that’s not a complaint restricted to online businesses. At a networking lunch the other day one business owner was complaining that his competition seemed to get more attention,

Future of work destroyed by European legislators

Futurists are convinced that the future of employment is in “portfolio” careers, with people hopping from job to job. Add to that a huge increase in self employment over the past decade and you can see that the future of work is based on individuals, rather than corporations. Indeed, I

Attract more serious shoppers to your web site

Shoppers who buy stuff online appear to have done their “research” on what to buy offline. Buried in a report on online shopping,there’s the startling fact that the biggest proportion of Internet shoppers (36%) visit the web site to buy something as a result of having seen the item in

Post office closures can boost your internet marketing

People who live in villages across the UK are angry at the Government’s decision to close down more than 2,500 Post Offices. The post office system in the UK is currently losing £4m a week, so a closure programme is the only way to stem the leak of tax payers’

Your spare time goes into the ether

Internet users are spending most of their spare time online, compared with watching TV, playing sports, gardening or simply lazing around. According to the strategic marketing research company Media Screen, in the USA half of an individual’s spare time is spent online. People are spending around one hour and 40

Internet marketers don’t show enough emotion

Internet marketers are famous for their long sales letters and their “hard sell” approach. Indeed I know one Internet marketer whose basic approach is “Do you want it, or not?”. In other words, either pay for it now, or move on so I can find someone else who’ll buy it.

Top bloggers avoid the detail

Marketing expert Nigel Temple asked recently on the business networking site Ecademy when was the best time to write a blog entry. Is it at the weekend, on a Monday morning, or just when the muse strikes you? The answer to this is – don’t worry about it…! Just keep

Survey reveals dramatic boost for online business

Online business owners have been targeting computer users and techno-friendly people for the past decade. Now it seems that the dominance of computing and technology for online shoppers has been toppled. According to a survey run by Foresters Research, online business has become “mainstream” shifting computing from its Number One

Online business future depends upon individuals

Business owners trying to attract new clients often target large companies; they have the biggest cheque books and most money in the bank. But this strategy could soon fail to work thanks to changes in the ways business is operating. At times of economic success, self employment tends to fall

How to attract shoppers in hard times

Shoppers are deciding to keep more of their money in their pockets and spend less of it with businesses. At the same time, businesses are cutting back on spending and inflation is rising. In the USA retail spending went down last month, in spite of predictions from economists that it

New slant on social networking

How much has your social network grown this week? How much has your online network grown this week? How much has your business grown this week? It appears that your business growth has a direct relationship with your network growth; the bigger your network, the more successful your business becomes.