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Articles beat video for ROI
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People love reading – so get writing…!

Written articles bring businesses more ROI than video or other forms of online content. Research shows that writing articles is the best web strategy.

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Creating Web Content in Five Steps

Creating Web Content – management of your time and your planning process is essential. This article shows you how to succeed in creating web content.

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The Five Cs of Great Web Content

Web content needs to satisfy four specific areas if it is to grab in the interest of readers. These are the Five Cs of Great Web Content.

Free content curation tools

Free content curation tools are widely available, but which ones do the experts in curating content think are the best?

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Local content will increase your website traffic

Your website readers are loyal to their locality. Provide them with something that’s relevent to their part of the world and they will lap it up. New research from communications experts at the University of Missouri shows that when we read something that is truly local, our brain commits more

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Twitter set to replace Google for content search

Twitter could replace Google as a place to go to find useful content. New analysis from Hitwise Intelligence shows a remarkable difference in how people use these two services. It seems that around one in three searches on Google are for transactional sites – we are frequently looking to buy

User generated content set to take on huge importance

We already know that many Internet users contribute content to the web. Take YouTube, for instance, which reportedly has around 15 hours of video uploaded to it every minute…! Not all of that video is professionally produced, business material. Most is what we’d call “user generated content”. Already, just over

$15m blog sale shows importance of content

A “one-man-band” blog has just been sold for a total of $15m. That’s right – a work-at-home blogger has been paid a whopping multimillion pound sum for his blog. Bankaholic – a blog about what banks are offering – has earned an up-front payment of $12.4m for the blog, with

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Unique content is vital on your web site

Marketing experts are constantly banging on about our “USP” – our unique selling proposition; for anyone to be interested in us we need to be different. Online, uniqueness is even more important. There are just too many place to go, sites to visit and people to contact who all do

Record breaking book shows content is easy to produce

How long does it take to write a book? Months, years? How about hours? Creativity expert, Ayd Instone, recently wrote, designed and had on sale his latest book inside four hours. “RAW questions for creative thinking” will take you longer to read than Ayd took to put the whole thing

How to use blogs as content management tools

Bloggers are only using half the power of blogging software – if that. The vast majority of people writing blogs are simply typing up their latest musings and adding them to a blog that is not even part of their main web site. Indeed, the vast majority of blogs do

How can you make money from user generated content?

A new report on user generated video shows that almost half of all online video watched last year was provided by Internet users themselves. The report also predicts that this will rise to 55% by 2010. In other words, user generated content will dominate. However, for the online video sites

User generated content – it really, really is important

You will have read a few times in this web site that user-generated content, in my view, is an essential component of a good web site. (You can add your comments below if you disagree..!) However, it’s not just me bleating on about this. Every year, Time Magazine announces its

More evidence on value of user-generated content

As if the power of Google, MySpace and other big players isn’t enough to convince you of the need for user-generated content, consider a report in this week’s New Media Age magazine. A report on page 6 is headlined News International seeks user content for new free-paper site. The story

The Future of the Internet is in User-Generated Content

If your web site doesn’t include the option for user-generated content, the chances are it won’t be the kind of web site that is required in the near future. Up until recently the web was one-way – someone published a web site and someone else read it. Now, new technologies